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WordPress and facebook opened up the internet to everyone. We're opening up payments.

Remember what the internet was like before WordPress and blogs? Do you remember the internet when you couldn't create a website or a blog with a couple clicks? Think about what it was like before facebook. It was complicated, confusing and it required skilled programmers and web designers to create a website or to do business online.

Thats what it's like today with payments. Confusing. Complicated.

The single biggest hurdle to starting and growing a business is being able to accept payments from your customers.

It is a long, complicated process to become approved for a credit card merchant account. Payments gateways aren't built for today's products, developers need to integrate with sophisticated APIs of 3rd party software to support subscriptions. Custom programming is always required to provide for the simplest needs of consumers and their payments. Business are left on their own to figure out the confusing intricacies of PCI compliance and data security.

Payments, for everyone

The Simplified Ecommerce Platform is opening up payments like WordPress and facebook opened up the internet- by making it easy for everyone. We enable you to get your apps, products and services to market faster by making it simple and easy; allowing you to focus on your core product and business, rather than wasting time and resources on the plumbing of payments.

Your customer data is safely stored in a level 1 PCI compliant secure vault. This tier 1 gateway is certified on 97% of the payment networks in the US, and a bunch of international processors and providers too. Working with companies like First Data, Global Payments, Paymentech, Concord BUYPASS and Vital / TSYS, the gateway engineers constantly re-certify to ensure processing enhancements and security is always up to date.


merchee is one of the first brands to be released on the Simplified Ecommerce Platform. Leveraging the platform's technology, security and features, merchee enables businesses with a fast and easy solution for getting to market, accepting payments and accelerating their growth.



easily sell anything.
online. social. mobile.



At merchee we want to enable anyone to be an entrepreneur. One of the biggest hurdles of starting and growing a business is dealing with the complications of accepting payments and managing recurring subscriptions.

If you don't know the difference between a payments gateway and a door way, thats OK. With merchee you can start accepting credit cards within a couple hours on your website, through your social networks and even mobile devices, without any integrations or programming, or worrying about things like PCI compliance.

We custom design your checkout page to match your website, so your customers see your branding and know who they are buying from and our affiliate and referral marketing systems help you grow faster.

Your entire business lifecycle

We get you started and support you throughout your entire business lifecycle too. When your business matures we'll deliver offers from multiple merchant account providers to ensure you get the best rates. Transitioning to your very own merchant account is instant, effortless and seamless. All your data, reporting, affiliate relationships, custom checkout pages and subscriptions remain intact. We even offer API's as your needs become more advanced.

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meet the team


Colin Holowaychuk

Colin has over ten years of experience in international payment processing, and 18 years in marketing and startup businesses.

He was one of the first employees, VP Marketing and Sales, N. America and Senior Product Advisor at Neteller (now Neovia/ Optimal Payments). Within 4 years Neteller raised a seed round of $200k, grew revenues from $1 million to $20 million per month, IPO'ed on the London AIM and achieved a market cap of over $2 Billion.

Colin was President of ProBilling, where in less then 3 years he built a team that leveraged the unique value proposition of guaranteed online payments and recurring subscriptions in international markets to attract over 5500 merchant customers and tens of thousands of websites.

Colin consults with businesses, helping them achieve and manage growth, smooth out the confusion of international payment processing and the complexities of subscription management. After seeing businesses of all sizes suffer through the ongoing pain of dealing with payments, Colin lead the creation of the Simplified Ecommerce platform.

Michael Sikorsky

Michael is an active angel investor who has raised more than $10 million over the course of his career for a variety of ventures. Currently he spends the majority of his time working on all things iPhone and iPad in his company Robots and Pencils Inc.

In 2011, Robots and Pencils developed an iPhone/iPad (iOS) App which became the #4 Top Grossing App in the North American iTunes App Store ( World Explorer made for Minecraft). Michael was also proud to be selected as one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People in August of 2011.

In 2010, Michael was also honoured as being selected Top 40 under 40 in Calgary, became the Entrepreneur In Residence for the University of Alberta Engineering Faculty, developed a #2 hit iPad App across the UK, and his company Robots and Pencils won the Innovation/Leadership award from Digital Alberta for their iPhone/iPad (iOS) work.

In previous years Michael won the Great Canadian Pitch-Off at the Canadian Venture Forum, sold a company to ThoughtWorks , was named Canada’s Internet Revolutionary by Profit magazine (2007) and spoke at Cyberport Hong Kong, Harvard Business School , MIT, and Stanford.

Arizona Bay

Colin and the Arizona Bay Partners have worked together over a span of 10 years. Jeff was the original Architect of Neteller’s product and Jay lead the development for proBilling and key modules of the Neteller product and marketing systems.

Dave Graham

For more than a decade Dave has been building and operating tech and e-commerce companies. Dave works hands-on with entrepreneurial start-ups on strategic development, investment and operations. He is tireless in championing the little guy in his fight for start-up capital and knows how to effectively manage the seed money when it has been sown. The BA from the University of California at Los Angeles and the MBA from Columbia has helped along the way, but the real-life creation and shaping of companies make shinier badges of honor. Dave is a founding partner of

Jeff Natland

Equally comfortable in technology and business, Jeff has started several technology-focused businesses, helped manage and grow dozens of others, and is an active angel investor, board member and advisor. Previously serving as the Chief Information Officer at Neteller (now Optimal Payments). Jeff was an early angel investor and advisor at Quirky.

Jay Gibb

Jay is a veteran of payments technology and worked at Neteller to build the technology that ran that business. He is CTO of Arizona Bay and is an advisor on the direction and strategy of the technologies used to design and implement solutions for Simplified Ecommerce.  Jay is the cofounder of Samurai, a payments gateway by FeeFighters (acquired by groupon), Lead Architect at PhoneTag (acquired by Ditech Networks)and sits on the Board of Directors of  CloudSponge



sell subscriptions in 5 minutes
without any programming or integrations
...and use your own merchant account.


The whole stack with zero coding

Everything in the entire payment stack is included. You don't need to pay extra, or stitch together a bunch of different companies for gateways, secure data storage, subscription management or affiliate marketing.

Simple pricing, no fine print

Straight forward fair pricing. No setup fees, No gateway fees, No minimum fees. No contract with cancelation penalties.

No PCI fees, statement fees, annual fees and no long term obligations.

International processors and networks

All customer data is stored in our independent level 1 PCI compliant gateway vault and is fully portable.

We're integrated and certified with 97% of North American processing networks including Elavon, First Data, Global Payments, Paymentech and Vital/ TSYS.

International processors/ networks networks include Chronopay, EPX, Evertec, Global Payments Canada, Moneris, Optimal Payments, Pago, Voicepay and Wirecard.

Switch merchant accounts seamlessly

Adding or switching a merchant account is as simple as submitting your new merchant account credentials. All your custom hosted payment pages, integrations, pricing plans, affiliate relationships, reporting...remains intact.

You can transition seamlessly while changing merchant accounts, or even add multiple concurrent merchant accounts any time, without worrying about payment data being locked in or losing your customers during a transition.

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accept credit cards on your
iPad, iPhone and mobile devices.

Your business, everywhere.

Turn your mobile device into a point of sale terminal and securely accept credit cards everywhere. On the go, at the market, trade show or behind the till, you'll never miss another sale.

Mobile payments for everyone.

From new part time Entrepreneurs to large enterprises, our platform makes it easy. Get started without a needing a merchant account or grow your businesses with your own existing merchant accounts.

Recurring subscriptions too.

Collecting rent, selling subscriptions or recurring services? Easily charge your customers for monthly or weekly recurring payments. Sign up in minutes and start accepting credit cards today.








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